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Sever - Side Engineer


Tên công ty ClipLine

Địa điểm: Tokyo

Tuổi: 20~40+

Cần: tiếng Nhật giao tiếp được trong công việc, kinh nghiệm tốt nhất là 3 năm +, có thể du di nếu skill tốt

- Ưu tiên người nói được tiếng VN, tiếng Anh
- Có kỹ sư người VN đang làm ở đây

Nội dung công việc:

We are looking for new members who can improve the existing functions of our service ClipLine and develop new functions together.

Would you like to work with us to create a Clip Line that will revolutionize the service and retail industries such as food and drink?

This time, you will mainly be involved in improving the existing functions of the technology acquisition platform and developing new functions.

[Business description]

- API development, batch processing development, management screen development for clients
- AWS operation, configuration management by Ansible
- Application and DB design

[In-house atmosphere]

The office just moved in September 2015. So, we are in the process of creating an office and providing services together through trial and error! (The floor was increased in November 2016)
Under the slogan "Tools give priority to global standards as much as possible!", We are actively studying and using new tools and gadgets.
Since everyone in the company uses Github to manage issues, all simple workflows are completed on Github. All employees verify it, and enjoy testing and introducing new services.

Kinh nghiệm làm việc: 

- ObjectiveC / Java

Front end
- ReactJS
- Other Javascript frameworks

Server side
- Ruby or other scripting language
- Rails or other frameworks

- Nginx
- Unicorn
- Capistrano 

Nơi làm việc 東京都品川区西五反田7-22-17 TOCビル7階 20号室

※hiện tại thì nhân viên đang làm remote toàn bộ

Giờ làm việc:

Flextime system, Core time 11: 30-16: 30 
* Standard working hours per day 8 hours 
Standard working hours 9: 30-18: 30
* Core time is temporarily abolished under the telework / remote work policy.

Thu nhập: 5~10 triệu yên/ năm

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