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Senior Golang Developer


Job Description (Nội dung công việc)

- Develop toB applications having a massive amount of data from scratch
- Design a complex architecture which includes API linkage to external
- Quickly fix system failures or abnormalities by monitoring or notifications
- mprove CI/CD for the delivery of a product
- Introduce tools, systems and cultures for efficient development
- Develop fundamental skills of team members
- Lead development with scrum

Skill / Experience (Kinh nghiệm)

- 5+ years for Web development (3 years for static typing languages)
- Operation of an application on a production environment
- Experience to lead a project as a team leader
- Experience to improve application performance
- Experience to educate team members
- Experience with agile development
- Strong sense of ownership
- English skill (professional working proficiency)

Nice to have (Ưu tiên có):

- Experience to develop toB applications
- Experience with Docker/Container
- Japanese skill

Ngôn ngữ: tiếng Anh đọc hiểu cơ bản

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