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QA Engineer


Tên công ty ClipLine
Tuổi: 20~40+
Ngôn ngữ: tiếng Nhật giao tiếp được trong công việc, kinh nghiệm tốt nhất là 3 năm+
Ưu tiên người nói được tiếng VN, tiếng Anh

■ Products in charge
Service management platform "Clip Line" for companies with multiple stores

Nội dung công việc:
■ Business content
・ Test design, test implementation (test case creation)
・ Test implementation, bug report
・ Operation check after release
・ Test activities in collaboration with development members

■ Development environment
Development languages: Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Objective-C, Swift
Framework: Ruby on Rails, React
Database: PostgreSQL
Project management: JIRA
Server environment: AWS (Docker during development)
Communication tool: Slack

■ Development method
・ Agile development by Scrum is carried out, and a flexible development plan is made according to the actual value.
・ There are experts in each field of management, design, development, and infrastructure, and it is an environment where opinions such as improvement proposals can be easily passed.

■ Engineer support
We strive to support skill improvement as an opportunity to grow as an engineer.
As a learning support system, we support participation in conferences and study sessions and purchase of technical books with an annual subsidy limit of 60,000 yen. 

Nơi làm việc 東京都品川区西五反田7-22-17 TOCビル7階 20号室

※Hiện tại thì nhân viên đang làm remote toàn bộ
Giờ làm việc:
Flextime system, Core time 11: 30-16: 30 
* Standard working hours per day 8 hours 
Standard working hours 9: 30-18: 30
* Core time is temporarily abolished under the telework / remote work policy.

Thu nhập: 4~7 triệu yên/năm

Phúc lợi:  
Commuting transportation expenses: Full payment (however, up to 50,000 yen)
・ Paid leave: 20 days in the first year (5 days on the day of joining the company, 16 days in the second year to a maximum of 20 days)
・ Childcare leave system: There is a record of returning from maternity leave / childcare leave / Multiple men have also taken
・ Remote work allowance: 10,000 yen / month
・ Learning support system (up to 5,000 yen / month for seminar participation and book purchase)
・ Lend a PC with the desired specifications when joining the company
・ Study session system (learn from external lecturers and in-house specialists)
・ In-house drinking party assistance
・ In-house recreation (BBQ, summer party, Christmas party, etc.)
・ Subsidy is provided for the use of services by companies that have introduced ClipLine.
・ Recruiting meal fee subsidy
・ Employee referral system (annual income of those who have joined the company by referral is 10%) * Rounded up to the nearest 100,000 yen
・ Welcome lunch assistance for new employees (for the entire company / department) 


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